Greater safety and hygiene in transfers to the ship
To avoid crowds, waiting time at airports and full cabins on common commercial flights with the hygienic insecurity that this implies, we offer our clients an exclusive way to travel to our boats faster, healthier, safer and more familiar.


These customized flights allow us to more quickly manage mobility restrictions in today's European airspace.


It is a comfortable Piper PA46T Meridian aircraft with capacity for five people, in addition to the pilot.



- Crew:             5.

- Length:       8.8 m.

- Wingspan:   13.1 m.

- Height:        3.4 m. 16.3 m².

- Loaded weight: 1,416 kg.

- Maximum takeoff weight: 1,968 kg.

- Power plant: 1 × Textron Lycoming TIO-540-AE2A.

- Power:        500 CV.

- Propellers:   four bladed.



- Maximum speed: 407 km / h.

- Cruising speed:    394 km / h.

- Range:                 2,668 km.

- Flight ceiling:       7 620 m.

- Ascent regime:    6.2 m / s.



To consult depending on the place of departure and arrival.